You are using Windows 10 and OPC? Then read on!

Microsoft very recently announced a security update (KB5004442) that in combination with OPC-DA (the classic OPC connection via DCOM) will disable all functionality. The automatic rollout of this update will be started by Microsoft on March 14th 2023.

You are potentially affected if

  • your Papertech Console computer is running Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1)
  • Your break, speed, etc. interface is through OPC-DA (through direct DCOM, no tunneler)

What can you do to avoid problems?

  1. Disconnect the Papertech system from the Internet
  2. Disable automatic updates
  3. Do not install any Microsoft software updates, particularly KB5004442 or later

You did all above. Are you safe now?

If all above is covered, great! You are done! At least for the time being…

In case you want to learn more about the recent Microsoft changes, please read this externally hosted abstract: Microsoft: Hardening changes in DCOM (

or watch this video (externally hosted):

Please note: Ignoring above measures may result in a non-working OPC-DA connection and no break, speed or other information will be received by Papertech. The system does no longer automatically record breaks or detect defects.

In case the steps above are no option for you, we recommend using an OPC-DA tunneler software of choice. We are happy to assist you in setting up a tunneler software.

How to get help?

Please contact your closest Papertech representative for a planned action. Here are some contacts:

ROPTEC GmbH, Eschweiler, Germany
Website Phone +49 2403 7498629 or

IBS Papertech GmbH, Teufenbach, Austria
Phone +43 3582 8511-0 or

Papertech Inc., Vancouver, Canada
Website Phone +1-877-787-2737 or

You may simply use the contact form below, write an email or call. Please don’t wait too long: March 14th 2023 is around very soon!