Do you know what your printer is doing right now?

And what if you don’t know exactly what your automation, your image processing system, your production computer is doing right now? As a plant manufacturer you often don’t have any further status information on the plant you have delivered – until something goes wrong. And then, there could have been a better time to talk to the customer.

Surprise your customers: Call them, since you already know that something is not okay and they have not yet noticed it. That is what we call customer service!

Roptec helps you to be up-to-date with your systems. With the monitoring solution Nagios we implement all interconnected components in an analysis report which, for instance, is regularly sent to the support team once a day or in the event of an error.

Due to the continuous monitoring you almost always have a good reason to contact the customer, share the data or to simply make the next on-site appointment.

What system would you like to have monitored? Let us know!